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English Audio Rhythms of the Liberation of Consciousness. Part 5.

Rhythms of the Liberation of Consciousness. Part 5.
Rhythms of the Liberation of Consciousness. Part 5.

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Rhythms of the Liberation of Consciousness. Part . Часть 5.

We get attached to the world around us with our consciousness and with our feelings. Human logic is material and it is related to the assessment of the situation. Consciousness is in a constant attempt to lead, to control everything that happens. But Divine logic is linked to the soul and for the soul to become fully alive, we must stop our consciousness. There was a saying in ancient India: "The main enemy of a man - is a thought". Jesus taught, "Blessed are the poor in spirit", i.e. those who are able to set free from attachment, from the constant control over the situation, those who rely on the divine will, not their own ego. "Rhythms of the liberation of consciousness" are intended to help to get rid of the thoughts and affections. Our feelings are the higher consciousness. Love gives rise to feelings and they in their turn generate thoughts. In order to experience love, you need to tune in to the Divine rhythms, to stop the regular course of thoughts and feelings. The external consciousness should sleep, as the soul wakes up. "Rhythms" help initiating this process.

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