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Мне было 20 лет, и я была безнадежно и безответно влюблена в парня, который кроме как на хорошую знакомую на меня не обращал внимания. Шло время, снились ободряющие сны, мол, все будет, ты только жди. Я ждала, но ничего не менялось, тогда казалось, так и жизнь пройдет, а я все буду ждать и ждать. Излишне писать о том, сколько это приносило мне душевных мук. И так как во мне, увы, присутствуют две крайности — уныние от того, что ничего не выходит, и тут же жажда все изменить, — моя душа потянулась к Богу. А точнее я стала посещать Церковь. Да так регулярно, что меня стали узнавать там! Как сказал мне один священник: «У Бога есть разные дороги, которыми он ведет к себе своих детей!» Так вот, однажды ... подробнее...


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AN INTERVIEW WITH S.N.LAZAREV for the Czech journal, "Regeneration."



Dear Mr. Lazarev, for me it is an honor to ask you a few questions for an article in the Czech journal "Regeneration", which publishes material about everything concerning health.

1) Could you tell us, briefly, about how you came to have your gift for the diagnosis of karma in human beings? It is obvious that you accomplished this through empirical research and years of work. How do you communicate with your mentors and advisers in the "Subtle Worlds"?

2) What is your view of the destiny of the Czech nation, which, as it is known, spent centuries in captivity, and was occupied by stronger neighboring countries. Therefore it is possible that some "mimicry" may have arisen in the manner of its behavior, as well as a dominating atheism, which has manifested primarily in interpersonal relationships?

3) The year 2012 is associated with many prophecies and catastrophes, as well as major change, growth and transformation in human kind. What is your opinion about the future?



Let us start with that fact that from childhood i knew about my unusual abilities: my desires came true. There was a constant awareness of contact with higher powers. In addition, I had an unceasing thirst to understand our world, a search for life's meaning. It started when I was six year old and lasts to this day. Typically, a person's pursuit for the meaning of life ends at around eighteen to twenty. At the age of thirty I discovered in myself an ability to heal people. Moreover, it was enough for me to simply wish for it and a terminally ill person recovered. However, I moved away from this method of treatment as my abilities began to develop rapidly. The truth is that not only good but also bad desires manifest. Energy has the power not only to cure but also to kill.

In the late 1980s I began to practice healing professionally. At first I treated patients with prayer, then with acupuncture point massage, then by passing my hands over the patient's body. At this time I became acquainted with a unique man, Vadim Polyakov. In his St. Petersburg laboratory, he was trying to unite extrasensory perception and science. There I learned the basics of remote diagnosis of human beings.

It turns out that it is possible to sense the energy field of each organ. Interaction with a person's energy structure, with their aura, made it possible to obtain information about their health. I suggested an improvement of this diagnosis: the observation of patients not only in the present but also in the past and the future, not only at a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters from the subject, but at a distance of from five to ten kilometers. I was the only one who could to do this kind of diagnosis. Not only was I able to observe a patient at any distance, but also shift into his past, as well as his future.

Why did I decide to keep track of the past of my patients? Because I considered disease to be a result of certain events in a person's life. I saw that illness developed over many years, and always with reason, as is true for any process. Seeing disease as a consequence, I began to look for its causes. Also, I was sure that a person's energy field held all of the information about their past life; that genes were responsible only for a person's physical condition. Information about the character, destiny, past incarnations, and future of a person would have to be stored in their individual field, their aura. In this I had no doubt, but it was necessary to gain access to these mysterious repositories of information.

I had gotten used to working with physical energy fields, which depended on the organs and body of a person: these energy fields were the result, and the body was the cause. The physical object generated the energy field and determined its characteristics. In simple terms, the field was secondary to the body. I was sure of the existence of other types of energy fields, primary with respect to the body and organs. In the spring of 1990, I was able to see these structures. This was preceded by several years of hard work: diagnosis and treatment of patients, various experiments. The first thing I saw was that the deformation of this subtle energy field led to disease; with time, the places where these subtle deformities touched the body became diseased. My numerous studies of sick people led me to a paradoxical conclusion: first the subtle field falls ill, and then the body. By interacting with these structures, I achieved striking results in the treatment of various illnesses. This again proved that a person's energy field can be primary with respect to the body. I began treating patients' subtle fields instead of their bodies and saw diseases cured which had not responded to conventional treatment.

After some time, I made another discovery. By influencing these informational structures, not only was I curing diseases; it was inexplicable but fact that not only did the patients' health change but also their destiny and character. I came to the conclusion that these primary informational energy fields determined not only the health but also the character, destiny and future of a person.

So, a person's energy field turned out to be primary with respect to the body. The dense surface layers of the field depended on the body and were subordinate to it, while in contrast the higher, subtle layers of the field regulated it.

The next discovery was unexpected and tied to a sense of danger: as i continued to see and influence subtler energy fields, I began to acquire more and more power over other people, and realized that this was very dangerous. I then told myself that I had no right to control another person's soul. It turned out that by interacting with subtle field structures I had trespassed into the human soul, and could exercise control over it.

I realized then that human feelings and emotions have a subtle-field nature: that which we call consciousness, feeling, and emotion, exist independently of the body. This too is dialectical: there are layers of consciousness and feeling which are dependent on the body, and vice versa, there are those levels of consciousness which control the body, health, and destiny of a human being. These can be called innermost emotions.

Watching hundreds and thousands of patients, I noticed that people often did not feel or comprehend their emotions, while and I saw them clearly. Gradually I came to the following conclusion: those feelings which a person does not perceive consciously, appear in their subconscious. That is, the main emotions governing the health, character and destiny of a person lie their subconscious. It turned out that deformed emotions, aggressive feelings, can lead to disease and misfortune, that at the the foundation of our illnesses and misfortunes lie emotions; that is, that the soul is prevalent to mind and body.

It then turned out that inside our subconscious, information is stored about all the feelings we have experienced in life. It turned out that in the subconscious there are no expiration dates. The conscious mind forgets, while the subconscious remembers all of our feelings perfectly. Moreover, not only since birth but also during pregnancy, and even from past lives, our soul carries the experience of our feelings and actions.

There followed another discovery: while watching over sick children I saw that the deformities in a child's subtle field repeat the deformities in the field of the child's mother. Aggressive emotions felt by a mother before conception can lead to many childhood illnesses. It turns out that emotions can be inherited and contain information about the character, outlook, and even future behaviour of a human being. When a mother changed her attitude to past events, her child recovered. A mother changed her emotions for the better, and her child's character transformed, diseases disappeared and destiny changed.

I came to the conclusion that the human body, mind, spirit, and soul are closely linked. The soul's purity determines the health and destiny of a person.

And so there followed hundreds and hundreds of cases: observation of patients, their diagnosis, the study of their life experiences, and eventually, the problem of disease began to link with the question of human morality. I realized why people need religion, came to understand that one of the best medicines in this world is living by the ten commandments, and keeping love in ones heart. In my research, science began to unite with religion. I saw how faith in God, ethical behavior, love in ones soul, can gradually cure devastating diseases. At the same time I saw the reverse situation: when a person acts with greed, envy, hate, resentment, their aura begins to deform and seeds appear of future illnesses and misfortunes.

As for mentors: my experience of indirect contact with aliens brought me to a simple conclusion: prolonged contact is dangerous for the human psyche. Problems are possible with a person's character, health and destiny. Communicating with subtle worlds, contact with higher beings, can be more dangerous still and even deadly to the average person. So my contact came through automatic writing. I did not know who i was communicating with, but the advice was astute and wise (I later verified this information many times). One incident was curious: I got into a difficult situation and couldn't find a way out. I sent a request for advise and received a reply in text: "Think for yourself." I then came to the conclusion that the world must be studied independently, not waiting for handouts from higher beings.

In my present research I am guided by my subconscious: I send a query, receive a reply, and then verify it many times. I begin with a simple premise: our subconscious knows everything. In it lies information about our past and about our future.

Many years ago I was amazed when examining people's emotions. The surprise was caused by the fact that people were producing emotions in reaction to events in the future. That is, each person reacts to the future, and the way they react determines what will happen to them. If our consciousness is connected with the present, our subconscious is connected with the future. Our feelings are multilayered; the most subtle layers influence the future and determine it. In simple terms, as our soul is now, so will be our future. Only then was i able to understand the phrase from the Old Testament: "For evil men haveno hope of things to come, and the lamp of the wicked shall be put out." Then I once again realized that the best remedy, not only for ones body but for ones character and destiny, is love, morality, and faith in God.

After several years of active research, I came to understand that the structures I saw in a person's aura were directly connected with that which we call karma. I saw how the structures of a person's health and destiny deformed, when a person felt hate, resentment or melancholy.

The next discovery: these structures also deformed with a person's incorrect behavior. I studied the aura of those who pilfered, robbed, humiliated people, and saw the rapid deterioration of their karmic structures. It turned out that not only emotion but also behavior affected a person's health and destiny, and not only his own, but also that of his descendants.

Another discovery: I saw that strong attachment to another person destroyed the health and destiny of the one we were attached to. It seemed implausible, but love that turned into passion and attachment began to kill. It turned out that loving someone was dangerous.

In this way there arose a serious problem, which for a long time i was unable to resolve. But in the end, I found a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation. Yet again, understanding came after monitoring hundreds of thousands of patients and situations. It turned out that if one put love of God in first place, then love of another person would not turn into passion or attachment, and would not kill. As it turned out, one of the very best medicines is a correct worldview.

The classical Indian concept "karma" is closely linked with the concepts of sin and suffering. If you have committed a crime, you will answer for it. Sin is absolved through suffering.

In Judaism there emerged a new understanding of sin and of disease. With Judaism came the 10 commandments, which were necessary to follow, and penitence addressed to God. Keeping the commandments purified the soul and freed people from disease and misfortune.

In Christianity, new aspects were revealed about overcoming sin, disease and misfortune, and with these aspects came new opportunities. Not only outwardly correct behavior, but also the correct internal state, that is, the absence of hatred and judgement, made it possible to overcome the most severe diseases. The fostering of love in a person's soul changed his destiny and character better than repentance.

Monitoring my patients, I came to yet another discovery. It happened in the following way: in one patient I saw a most dangerous deformation of karmic structures, which were consistent with terminal illness or approaching death. Usually in such cases, I mentally went into the person's past, and tried to find causes of imminent illness or death in their behavior or emotions. However in this case, for some reason, I decided to simply talk to her; explain the meaning of the universal laws which are expressed through religious commandments. And suddenly I was amazed to see that the subtle field of the woman had cleared. I then realized that understanding can heal, just the same as repentance. Understanding changes a person. And the main understanding boils down to this: the point of living is to increase the amount of love in ones soul. And the essence of any religion is increased unity with God.

I later saw time and time again how in the course of my communication with patients their karmic structures leveled out, and on subtle levels there was improvement in their destiny and health. After some time their inner purity became outer purity: incurable diseases went away, personalities changed, families were restored, and children recovered. It turns out that inquiry into our world can be a great medicine for the soul, and spirit, and body.

This was what prompted me to write books and hold seminars. And lately, I have come to understand clearly that the cause of the approaching likely demise of our civilization is not politics and economics, not disease, not the ecology and not natural catastrophe. An incorrect way of thinking, a distorted value system, a squandering of love and morality - these are the true causes of our approaching end. Materialistic civilization, forgetting the soul's priority, aims to save the body at the expense of everything else. Humanity has little time left to change its way of thinking.

One can talk about the laws of karma, one can remember the commandments of the Old Testament, one can cite the New Testament, which says: "As you sow, so shall you reap." All religions, in truth, reflect the universal laws. And a law is the link between cause and effect. If a person has not learned how to think, if he follows the wrong beacons, the consequences will be catastrophic.


2) Have you pondered the fate of the Jewish people? Without territory, without language, without even common traditions, this nation has endured for 2,000 years. While many nations having a large territory, a strong state, a common language, old customs and traditions, nonetheless weakened, fell apart even without foreign invasion, and disappeared forever from the face of the earth.

Most important for the survival of any nation is a correct view of the world in which it exists. False beacons, incorrect orientation, a distorted worldview - and the state begins to falter, followed by the degeneration of the population. No amount of money, no military power can save such a nation from ruin. Recall the history of Byzantium - various "mimicry," subordination to other states, is always the result of internal weakness and incapability. When we are internally weak, externally we begin to be dependent and to lose. Atheism is not the result of defeat; on the contrary, it often appears in those countries where well being crowds out faith in God; where religion, forgetting about the kingdom of God, becomes absorbed in politics and economics. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

The revival of the Czech people should be oriented not on cooperation and submission to the world's leaders, or even on the strengthening of its own economy and defense. It is necessary to stop being a consumer society, stop destroying morality in favor of economy and politics. An immoral man squanders faith in God, and the current worship of Mammon, the cult of money and well being preached by U.S. makes one forget about honor and morality when there is much to be gained. Every person that puts faith and love first, can overcome within himself the worship of money, the trend of moral decay.

A people is a collective of families, and family falls apart without morality. Without love, sacrifice, care for each other, a family cannot exist. The distortion of interpersonal relationships is the first step toward the disintegration of the family, the weakening of family structures is the first step toward the decline of a nation. If families begin to fall apart, this is the first step in the disappearance of a nation from the face of the earth. The Czech nation is not yet broken by western psychology, the cult of money has not yet destroyed its soul, therefore it has a chance of survival.

We are used to thinking that the body comes first. This is what science proclaims. But historically those nations survived that cared first for the soul, and strengthened the power of the spirit; those people for whom religious education, moral values, were more important than their instincts. Those who prioritized physical pleasures and material well being quietly weakened and disappeared from the face of the earth. Neither economic welfare, nor military power or even advanced science can determine the survival of any civilization. Without faith, love and morality, science becomes a weapon of murder, military power a tool of oppression, likewise of ones own people, economic prosperity begins to corrupt people's souls. Material factors are needed to ensure protection and development, but they cannot be put at the forefront.


3) 2012 is associated with the end of the world. In all of my lectures I say one thing: it is the beginning of a new epoch. Major challenges will only begin this year. They will increase and the maximum will be reached in the years 2014-2018. This period will last until approximately 2020. According to my diagnosis all people on Earth from that time on will have a new energy structure, that is, the future will come and change us. Naturally, those who will be ready for it. The others remain in the past. So it all depends on the state of our soul. I wish the Czech people faith, love and morality.

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