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Сергею Николаевичу пришло очень интересное письмо о семье долгожителей. Описаны их характеры, образ жизни, взаимоотношения, жизненные ситуации. Тема эта очень важная, и такие примеры помогают лучше понять, как прожить жизнь полноценно и счастливо. подробнее...

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On this page you will be able to read general information about the Research of S. N. Lazarev, and come up to date on the latest news and information.


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Снимок экрана 2015-03-24 в 12.57.42.png18 and 19 August, 2012. Prague.

In August, a seminar was held in Prague. Readers came from all over the world, the lecture was held in Russian with simultaneous translation into Czech and German. A number of questions not only on diseases but also on the survival of humanity was raised. The seminar touched upon the connection between science and religion, of the major drawbacks of modern society, the reasons for the degradation of the present civilization were numbered. A lot of time was devoted to self-perfection. The audience listened to the lecture in one breath.

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Копия Dk1.png

Diagnostics of Karma. The First Book. The Field System of Self-regulation.

You see not just a new book on a topic of interest to many nowadays, but, in fact, a statement of the original concept of understanding the laws of the spiritual world, which controls the material world, the analysis of the possibility of entering into the world of bioenergetics.

The main purpose of the book is to increase understanding of the world around us, to expose and to study the mechanisms that govern it, and to describe the rules of entry into bioenergetics, for perfection of a man must begin with comprehension of the world, with understanding its laws, awareness of a person as a part of a unified system of the universe… See more…

Снимок экрана 2015-03-24 в 22.08.26.png
Man of the Future. The First Step into the Future.

The rays of sun illuminate sheets of paper lying in a stacked in front of me on the table. Some have printed text on them, other - handwritten. Each of them can fit a whole life.Previously, the main content of the letters and notes were anguish, despair, unbearable suffering. Ruined, destroyed lifes, death of children and loved ones, incurable diseases. Those were premortal letters. Their main motive was the hope for a miracle, for getting rid of continuous misery. Lack of understanding, a sense of the injustice of fate, confusion of betrayal and humiliation by loved ones - not just letters but continuous pain.
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Снимок экрана 2015-03-24 в 22.09.03.png

Karma diagnostics (book 1) Experiences of Survival

The rays of sun illuminate sheets of paper lying in a stacked in front of me on the table. Some have printed text on them, other - handwritten. Each of them can fit a whole life.

Previously, the main content of the letters and notes were anguish, despair, unbearable suffering. Ruined, destroyed lifes, death of children and loved ones, incurable diseases. Those were premortal letters. Their main motive was the hope for a miracle, for getting rid of continuous misery. Lack of understanding, a sense of the injustice of fate, confusion of betrayal and humiliation by loved ones - not just letters but continuous pain.
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Снимок экрана 2015-03-24 в 12.55.24.pngRhythms of the Liberation of Consciousness. Part 1.

We get attached to the world around us with our consciousness and with our feelings. Human logic is material and it is related to the assessment of the situation. Consciousness is in a constant attempt to lead, to control everything that happens. But Divine logic is linked to the soul and for the soul to become fully alive, we must stop our consciousness. There was a saying in ancient India: "The main enemy of a man - is a thought". Jesus taught, "Blessed are the poor in spirit", i.e. those who are able to set free from attachment, from the constant control over the situation, those who rely on the divine will, not their own ego.

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foto bloSergey Nikolayevich Lazarev - practical philosopher, parapsychologist, researcher into the laws of the spiritual life of man and their influence on people's health and fate.



Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev was born on the fourth of September, 1952 in Eysk, Russia. He graduated from the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University. In parallel S. N. Lazarev finished an eleven month retraining course at St. Petersburg State University, graduating with the qualification “Practical Psychologist.”


Professional Occupation

Sergey Nikolayevich Lazarev has studied man's informational-energetic structures since the beginning of the 1980s. Since 1993, he has held seminars, presentations and lectures in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other Russian cities, as well as Germany, Israel, Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine.


Since the beginning of the 1990s, 16 books have been published of S. N. Lazarev's series “Diagnostics of Karma” and 7 books of his series “Man of the Future”. Many of the books are translated into German, Polish, English, Czech, Spanish and Bulgarian. Video and audio recordings of lectures and seminars are also available.

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            Area of Study
S. N. Lazarev is interested in the relationship between the internal state of a person's soul and his health and fate; between the religious and moral state of humanity and its prospects for existence in the contemporary world. In this the field, using empirical methods, he has opened a number of sequential laws, which have allowed him to create a comprehensive philosophical system. One of the system's unique characteristics is that it helps a person orient himself both in the surrounding world and in concrete situations, answering the questions — who are we, where have we come from, and where are we going.

            Early Research

S. N. Lazarev began his research into man's informational-energetic structures in 1980-1981, and at the end of the 1980s he began healing professionally. Having learned remote diagnostics in the laboratory of Vadim Polyakov, St. Petersburg, S. N. Lazarev discovered his ability to obtain information about a person's health by reading his energy field, not only in connection with the present, but also with the past and future. Through this, S. N. Lazarev came to the conclusion that disease developes over the course of many years and appears as a result of a person's interaction with specific events in his life. Considering disease a consequence, he began to search for it's causes.

At the start of his practice as a healer, S. N. Lazarev worked with the energy fields that radiate from a person's body. So, in this case the fields were secondary to the body: the energy fields were the result, and the body was the cause. However, in the course of his research, S. N. Lazarev began developing a hypothesis about the existence of other types of energy fields, primary with respect to the body and organs. Coming to the conclusion that all information about the character, destiny, past and future of a person, and even his past incarnations, would have to be stored in his individual field, S. N. Lazarev began searching for access to this mysterious repository of information.

            Research into the Primary Informational-Energetic Structures of Human Beings.

In the spring of 1990, after several years of hard work- diagnosis and treatment of patients, various experiments, S. N. Lazarev was first able to see primary informational-energetic structures. It became clear that while the dense surface layers of a person's energy field, his aura, are dependent on the body and subordinate to it, in contrast the higher, subtle layers of the field regulate the body. Moreover, it turned out that these stuctures control not just the health, but also the character, and destiny of a human being.

What is meant by informational-energetic structures? That which we call consciousness, feeling, and emotion, has a subtle-field nature. This is dialectical: there are layers of consciousness and feeling which are dependent on the body, and vice versa, there are those levels of consciousness, feelings and emotions (subconsious) which control the body, health, and destiny of a human being, and therefore his future. S. N. Lazarev calls these layers innermost emotions. Deformed innermost emotions, aggressive feelings, hate, resentment, and melencholy can lead to disease and misfortune, can warp a person's future. In this way it turns out that innermost emotions lie at the foundation of our illnesses and misfortunes; that is, that the soul is prevalent to mind and body.

There followed another discovery: while studying sick children, S. N. Lazarev saw that the deformities in a child's subtle energy field repeat the deformities in the field of the child's mother. He came to the conclusion that innermost emotions can be inherited- that a mother's feelings influence the character and destiny of a forming human being. For example, aggressive emotions felt by a mother before conception or during pregnancy could lead to many childhood illnesses. If a mother changed her attitude to past events, her child's character transformed, diseases disappeared and destiny changed.

Studying hundreds and thousands of patients, S.N. Lazarev noticed that people often did not feel or comprehend their emotions, while he was able to see them clearly. Gradually he came to the following conclusion: those feelings which a person does not perceive consciously, appear in his subconscious. That is, the main emotions governing the health, character and destiny of a person lie his subconscious.

It turned out that in the subconscious there are no expiration dates. The conscious mind forgets, while the subconscious remembers all of our feelings perfectly, not only from birth but also during pregnancy, and even from past lives.

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            Research on the Topic of Religion and the Human Soul

If our consciousness is connected with the present, then our subconscious is formed by the past and connected to the future. Our feelings are multilayered; the most subtle layers influence the future and determine it. That is to say, each person reacts to the future and his reaction determines future events. “Then,” says S. N. Lazarev, “I was able to understand the phrase from the Old Testament 'For evil men have no hope of things to come, and the lamp of the wicked shall be put out.' I realized the reason why people need religion, came to understand that one of the best medicines in this world is living by the ten commandments, and keeping love in ones heart.


In my research, science began to unite with religion. I saw how faith in God, ethical behavior, love in ones soul, could gradually cure devastating diseases. The soul's purity determines the health and destiny of a person. In simple terms, as our soul is now, so will be our future.”


But the level of the human soul also turned out to be contradictory. For example, S. N. Lazarev saw that loving another person, strong attachment to him, can destroy the health and even the destiny of the object of affection. Love that turns into passion and attachment begins to kill. In this way there arose a serious problem, which for a long time it seemed impossible to resolve. Understanding, once again, came after studying hundreds of thousands of patients. The solution turned out to be in a correct alignment of priorities. If love of God was in first place, then love of another person would not turn into passion or attachment, and would not kill.            

In this way it turned out that one of the very best medicines for a person's soul, mind, and body are exact priorities and a correct worldview founded on an understanding of universal laws. S. N. Lazarev saw time and time again how in the process of analysing these laws, during his communication with patients, together with deeper understanding, came a leveling out of karmic structures, and on subtle levels an improvement in their destiny and health. With time inner purity became outer purity: incurable diseases went away, personalities changed, families were restored, and children recovered. It turned out that understanding can heal, understanding changes a person. And the main understanding boils down to this: the point of living is to increase the amount of love in ones soul. And the essence of any religion is increased unity with God.


This was what prompted S. N. Lazarev to write books and hold seminars. To date, S. N. Lazarev has written and published more than 20 books, many of which are translated into foreign languages (English, German, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Japanese and Bulgarian). He regularly holds seminars, presentations and lectures in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities in Russia, as well as abroad (Germany, Israel, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland).


Lately, S. N. Lazarev has come to the conclusion that the cause of the our civilization's demise is not politics and economics, not disease, not ecology and not natural catastrophe. An incorrect way of thinking, a distorted value system, a squandering of love and morality - these are the true causes of our civilization's approaching end. The materialistic world, forgetting the soul's priority, aims to save the body at the expense of everything else. Through his work, S. N. Lazarev strives to facilitate the rapid change in people's way of thinking necessary for the survival of mankind.


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